Modern Steps School of Dance - Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

Our wedding package is customized to your goals and a great way to learn elegant-smooth as well as high-spirited rhythmic dances that you will enjoy on your wedding day, during your honeymoon, and forever after!

We will work with you to select your songs, choreograph your dance, and customize private dance lessons designed to build your skill, confidence, and romantic appeal.  Having a plan for several special dances will help you enjoy your wedding day. Examples of special dances may include: First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, and Wedding Party Dance Routines.

Contact us to discuss your wedding day; we will personalize a package and pricing to help you achieve your dreams.

Modern Steps School of Dance - Volume Packages

Volume Packages

Includes twenty, 50-minute lessons for $2100 and receive one additional free lesson.

With private dance lessons, you’ll benefit from undivided attention because you’ll be working one-on-one with the instructor of your choice. Private lessons are customized to your pace and learning style, thereby helping you to progress faster. Your instructor will offer helpful feedback and specific techniques to help you gain skill and confidence while having fun and getting fit. Attend one free class per week with the purchase of private lessons.

Private Lessons or Classes

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