The Paso Doble dance is a lively dance characterized by the gentleman usually portraying the bullfighter and the lady is his cape, although there are times when a very strong aggressive action in certain movements seems to suggest the actions of the bull. The Paso Doble moves around the floor and is characterized by sharp movements.

Paso Doble was actually invented in Southern France, where its march-like steps were used in the military, coined “Paso Redoble”. The steps easily traveled to Spain because of their close proximity. Americans first viewed the Paso Doble in its ballroom version in the 1930’s. “Paso Doble” means “two-step” and refers to the marching nature of the steps. This theatrical dance has an interesting background that involves role-playing of sorts.

The health benefits of learning the Paso Doble dance is a great cardio workout in addition to strengthening and toning the legs, core and glutes.